A Simple Story

    Imagine an older couple in your circle of friends.  Choose someone whom you respect and whose advice you might seek.  Suppose they call you and your spouse and invite you over to dinner.  This couple is financially comfortable but live a modest life style.

    After a lovely dinner all four of you sit in a comfortable living area and they begin to tell you a story you could have never imagined.

    Your host tells you that his great, great, great, grandfather was befriended by the the King of England back in the eighteenth century.  As a symbol of this close friendship, the King gave his ancestor a very large and costly diamond.  In fact, the diamond was so large, its value in today's market would be beyond measure.

    Your host explains that this valuable jewel has been passed down from generation to generation in his family.  With each passing generation the diamond has increased in value.  Your host explains that it is now his turn to pass the diamond on through the generations.  However, he and his wife have decided to pass the jewel to a spiritual generation instead of a physical generation.

    Your host further explains that he has chosen you and your spouse to receive this enormously valuable diamond because of your love for the Lord and you selfless life style.

    How would your host feel if you responded by saying, "I don't want your diamond, I have all I need.  Besides, I would have go to the expense of insuring and safeguarding this jewel .

    Would you insult your host in this way.  Of course not but would we insult the Lord by telling him to keep the precious gifts he wants to give us?

    My prayer is that more Christian families will increasingly recognize the true value of children and would fully trust the Lord with this area of their lives.

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